Hi! I'm Jess, a Graphic & UX Designer who loves making things for people and solving user problems. But really, it's the whole process I love. Research, sketching, experimenting, and bringing ideas to life. Seeing designs in the field and watching people use them is the best part of the job. 

A serial tinkerer and hobbyist, I love being outside my comfort zone and learning new things using different mediums. 

My Design Process. Distilled.

I've learned about the design process from research to refinement. Through my experience, I quickly discovered through different products that ideal design doesn't always occur. Over time, I've distilled a few key components of the process that I always execute on.


I gather requirements, goals, and information about the users. I generate ideas with my team and sharpen the focus per product needs.


I start building a foundation. I validate early and often with the team and users to ensure the structure makes sense.


Fitting hand-in-hand with architecture, I want to uncover how our users discover certain aspects of the product sooner rather than later.


At this point in the process, the foundation should be pretty solid. It's time to start making things look good.